The main male hormone. What to Eat to Boost Testosterone Levels

Products that will not only increase attractiveness, but also help in sports and everyday life.
Testosterone is often associated exclusively with the indicator of sexual activity in men. However, this hormone has much more properties than is commonly believed. Testosterone synthesis increases during and after physical exertion. Intensive running training, strength work in the gym – all this increases the concentration of the hormone in the blood and improves athletic performance.

And testosterone levels can also be increased by following a proper and balanced diet. Certain foods normalize the general condition of the body. Some in the list are quite unexpected.

Chili pepper, ginger and celery
And again, ginger is among the products that are incredibly useful. It was recommended by experts for the prevention of viral diseases, which is very important now. It turned out that ginger is also perfect for increasing testosterone levels. It can be used in soups, main courses and even in hot drinks like mulled wine. The fact is that ginger root improves blood flow and warms the whole body.

Celery and chili pepper are a kind of pheromones. They help healthy potency in men and contain elements that attract women. And they are also low-calorie foods, so they will affect the figure only in a positive way.

Fish and oysters
Marine products are at the top of the list of elements that increase testosterone levels. Fish with white meat is the best option. But even those who prefer red fish have 34% more testosterone than those who do not eat fish in principle.

Oysters are famous for a large amount of zinc in their composition, which also has a positive effect on the synthesis of testosterone. They have only one problem – it’s high cost. However, if you still have extra money in your wallet, it’s worth spending it on this delicacy. You are unlikely to regret it.

Broccoli, garlic and avocado
All these products are a great addition to many dishes. Broccoli has vitamin C, which improves blood circulation. Avocado has become almost the most fashionable fruit in the last few years. It is added to salads, sandwiches, and smoothies. Why is it so popular? It turns out that avocados contain omega-3 acids, vitamin B and folic acid. This whole set will not only increase your testosterone levels, but also strengthen your heart and add energy.

Garlic has similar properties. Do not hesitate to use it more often with various dishes. After all, you can then brush your teeth, and the beneficial effect will stay with you for a long time.

Figs and cranberries
Figs contain potassium, magnesium and iron. All these elements normalize the level of testosterone in the body. In addition to all this, figs are just very tasty. And some believe that it is comparable to strawberries in terms of sexuality.

Cranberries, which contain a lot of vitamins B and C, also help the synthesis of sex hormones. As a child, many of us probably adored cranberries in sugar, which were sold ready-made. This product can be considered a natural source of energy. Experts also note the benefits of goji berries. They are not so easy to find in a regular store, but if you see them, take them without hesitation. These berries contain protein, various vitamins, zinc, iron.

Bananas and olive oil
Many athletes in the locker room take a banana out of their backpack and try to eat it immediately after physical exertion. And it’s not just that these fruits are, in principle, very pleasant to the taste. They contain a lot of potassium, which has a positive effect on the heart and blood supply, as well as increases endurance and promotes rapid recovery.

Olive oil is one of the most popular elements of various diets. Many recommend it in comparison with the usual vegetable. And for good reason. It supports the work of the main male functions until old age and generally contains a lot of vitamins.